Dave | MOBE

Learning the true wealth of good health: Dave’s story

Dave never considered himself all that unhealthy—he went to the doctor every year for a physical. However, he had been diagnosed with prediabetes at one point, and he was taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

At his annual physicals, Dave’s doctor suggested that he try to avoid certain foods like white bread and pasta. Dave understood that he needed to investigate ways to improve his nutrition but often found himself making excuses for being too busy to do so.

And then he turned 60. Dave realized he needed to pay attention to his health. After all, “The most important thing—about everything—is health. It doesn’t matter how much money you have; if you’re not healthy, it’s all for naught.” He felt good about being active and enjoyed biking and hiking. But after Dave began working with his MOBE Guide, Mike, he was surprised by how much he didn’t know about being healthy.

Understanding that everything is connected.

Dave told Mike that, first and foremost, he wanted help with sleeping through the night. Mike helped Dave realize that late-night snacks and caffeine were not allowing him to get a good night’s rest. This revelation soon led to other discoveries. Dave had switched from iced tea and sodas to decaffeinated beverages after having kidney stones, but, the more he talked about it with Mike, he realized he had just resisted drinking water for years. Once Mike explained what avoiding water meant for his body and shared an article about why a cardiologist gave up diet soda, Dave became determined to drink water with every meal and throughout the day.

The two talked every week about different facets of Dave’s life, including his eating habits and stressors. Dave was amazed to learn how intertwined and related everything was, and he began to really look forward to the 30 minutes on the phone with Mike each week.

“It was like a breath of fresh air, and it just really made me feel good that I was paying attention to my health.”

After every conversation with Mike, Dave would excitedly share all the new information with his wife. He adopted his wife’s practice of brushing teeth after dinner to make evening snacks less tempting…even Mike was impressed by the idea.

It was important to Dave that he was only taking medicine if he really needed it, and his mind was put at ease by his MOBE Pharmacist, Sara. She confirmed he was taking the right medications and explained how they were working in his body.

Discovering a growth mindset.

Mike provided stories from other people and science-based information that Dave considered eye-opening. He explained the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, including information on how the best athletes maintain a growth mindset. They never rest on their laurels; they never consider themselves at the top of their game, they’re always looking for new opportunities to be better. This completely changed Dave’s perspective. He took Mike’s suggestion to diversify and balance his own cardio activity with weight training.

Sharing the wealth of information.

Passionate about what he gained from working with MOBE, Dave approached his HR department to let them know that other employees should take advantage of the opportunity to work with MOBE. The experience was far greater than he thought it would be, and he wanted fellow employees to know about the positive results he saw after a small investment of his time.

“MOBE really allowed me to form a blueprint for how to live my life. Now, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about making choices on a different level.”